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Sophrologist in Marrakech by djellaba shop

13 avril, 2017 Moroccan life 0 Hit: 8417

The ocher city hides many surprises, the sophrology workshops of Véronique Marafon.

During a stay in Marrakech we were surprised to meet Véronique Marafon, a sophrologist practicing in the ocher city countryside, we attended one of his group sessions in an idyllic setting of olive trees, bougainvillea, palm trees ... and other natural resources.

At our first contact we felt his good mood during his reception, naturally we were taken with passion for his relaxing practices.

Founded 50 years ago by Professor Caycédo, neuro-psychiatrist, sophrology is a psychocorporeal method combining breathing, muscular relaxation and visualization of positive images. By simple techniques and accessible to all, sophrology can provide effective solutions for a better day-to-day life and thus improve its quality of life and health, sophrology can also be offered in conjunction with medical treatment, Psychological follow-up. [email protected]


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