djellaba femme

djellaba pas chere

djellaba enfant

djellaba marocaine

djellaba maroc

djellaba petit prix

djellaba homme

djellaba promotion

djellaba moderne

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11 mai, 2023 Crafts of Morocco 0 1846

Babouche slippers

Babouches are traditional footwear that originated in Morocco and are worn by both men and women. They are slip-on shoes made from soft leather or fabric and...

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17 mars, 2023 Crafts of Morocco 0 1406

babouche slippers

Babouche slippers From the medina of Marrakech, behind the souk crowded with tourists, is the leather workshop Babouche Maroc. This is where the craftsmen of...

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01 mars, 2023 Crafts of Morocco 0 3443

Djellaba 2023

The djellaba is a traditional garment worn in North Africa, especially in Morocco. This is a long loose dress with long sleeves and a hood

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