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jennifer lakokine 17 mars, 2023 Crafts of Morocco 0 Hit: 1407

Babouche slippers From the medina of Marrakech, behind the souk crowded with tourists, is the leather workshop Babouche Maroc. This is where the craftsmen of Babouche Maroc make handmade Moroccan leather slippers

 From the medina of Marrakech, behind the souk crowded with tourists, is the leather workshop Babouche Maroc. This is where the craftsmen of Babouche Maroc make handmade Moroccan leather slippers. Babouche Maroc have been making slippers for generations, in an eco-responsible way. Slippers in standard colors, such as slippers in black or beige leather, or even the sublime red leather, in exotic colors, the most improbable such as turquoise, camel or brown leather slippers, Babouche Maroc offers the widest choice of models of Moroccan leather slippers (round, pointed, with pompoms, in jeans, slippers or ballerinas), colors and sizes, which allows Babouche Maroc to be the undisputed leader of leather slippers in France and in the world.
Babouche Maroc is also a manufacturer of Moroccan decorative products such as goat leather poufs, sabra poufs, wooden stools.

Welcome to Djellaba Shop, and look forward to finding you at your feet!

Our leather slippers fit just right. However, if the size of the slipper is not suitable, you can return or exchange your slippers for 365 days. You can also consult our equivalence guide for US and UK slipper sizes.

Welcome to Babouche-Maroc, Number 1 of leather slippers in France and in the world. Here, you will find a wide selection of slippers for women, slippers for men and slippers for children. But don't forget to also browse the different categories of the catalog, by following the "catalogue" menu at the top of the page, to discover, in addition to leather slippers, other unique products of Moroccan decoration and art of living à la Moroccan

Who are we?
Djellaba Shop: Our story...
Babouche-Morocco is Number 1; in Morocco in France and in several countries; the sale of leather slippers, poufs and leather bags. Babouche Maroc is rich in its 12 years of existence, with more than 40,000 customers, 80% of whom have placed more than 3 orders for slippers. Babouche-Maroc is proud to offer you the best of Moroccan slippers and handicrafts online. Babouche Maroc slippers are unique, they are made of premium leather, and guaranteed to last. Make your purchases of slippers safely on the website, and join the Babouche Maroc community.

Djellaba Shop: Worldwide delivery
We deliver our leather slippers, poufs, leather bags and other Moroccan products all over the world. Delivery prices are very attractive. For more information about the delivery of our slippers or the equivalence of US or UK sizes of leather slippers, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to answer you.

Babouche Slippers Morocco

We have been making leather slippers for generations in our leather goods workshop in Marrakech. We are the only slipper merchants who offer both the diversity of slipper models and colors, and this at very reasonable prices. Our babouche is unique. Take a close look, it looks nothing like anything you've seen before. We offer a slipper with quality leather, resistant soles, and an impeccable finish. For all these reasons, Babouche Maroc undertakes to deliver your packages of slippers in France and all over the world within 2 to 4 days after shipment. Do you know that you can also make your custom slippers? With Babouche Maroc, tell us what your dream slipper looks like, and we will make it for you.

Moroccan craftsmanship in the spotlight

Leather slippers: everyday comfort
The leather slipper has stood the test of time and the ages, and it continues to be the favorite shoe at home, due to its lightness and the comfort it provides. For more than a quarter of a century, we have not stopped surprising our customers with models of mules and slippers that combine style and comfort. Forget moccasins or nubuck, and treat yourself to pairs of leather slippers, to the delight of your feet. All our models of leather slippers are handmade in genuine leather. Don't hesitate to send us your slipper design ideas. Pointed, round, with heel or slipper slippers, maybe your favorite pair of slippers will be part of our next collection of leather slippers.

Babouche Maroc: Moroccan sandals for summer

Discover the collection of leather sandals and slippers from Babouche Maroc. All models of babouch and sandals are handmade. The design for the summer combines lightness and comfort, for the greatest well-being of the feet. We take great care in the choice of colors and materials for the manufacture of these slippers and sandals, so that your slippers last a long time. Dear customer, Dear customer, you love slippers, and you haven't let it be known for 12 years. For this, we thank you, and each year offer you new models of slippers rich in color, but always at low prices. We strive to improve every day the comfort and lightness provided by leather slippers. We listen to you, your suggestions drive us forward. This year again,

Oriental fashion with Babouche Maroc: Leather messenger bags

It's not just slippers at Babouche Maroc. Discover our selection of leather messenger bags. These leather bags from Babouche Maroc are emblematic of Morocco. With their vintage style, these bags are made of thick leather, often natural leather color, without dye, just a layer of nourishing oil, and a little sun to bring out the brownish color. Are you going to fall for a vintage English satchel, a messenger bag or rather a leather backpack? These leather bags and satchels from Babouche Maroc are sewn by hand, twice. So you are sure to buy a messenger bag or satchel to last for decades. In addition, Babouche Maroc offers you a 10-year warranty for all leather saddlebags.

Djellaba Shop: Moroccan decoration and tableware

Looking for a Moroccan tea service to delight your guests? Or Berber cushions to bring an original touch to your interior? Babouche Maroc offers a selection of refined Moroccan decorative items. Bring a bohemian touch to your home with our range of exceptional handcrafted Moroccan poufs. Ideal as an additional seat or used as a stool, or even as a decorative object, the Moroccan pouf naturally finds its place in your home. And it is no coincidence that the greatest interior designers have chosen Moroccan poufs to complete their collections. You can also admire the Babouche Maroc collection of Berber cushions. These cushions are made of kilim, this Berber carpet woven by hand in the high Moroccan mountains.

Moroccan Babouche: An Eco-responsible approach

All products of Moroccan craftsmanship from Babouche Maroc, whether women's slippers, men's slippers, children's slippers, poufs or leather bags are manufactured and sold in a logic of fair trade and respect for the environment. For leather slippers, poufs and any other leather item, all the dyes used are vegetable-based and treated to eliminate all odors from natural leather.

Djellaba Shop: The choice of professionals

Are you a professional trader? Looking for a reliable wholesaler of Moroccan crafts (leather slippers, leather bags, wicker basket...)? Do you want to buy quality leather goods at the best price? Babouche Maroc guarantees you an unbeatable offer! Contact us at: We manufacture our own slippers, poufs and other leather products in our workshops in Marrakech. Throughout the manufacturing process of slippers, one watchword: Quality! For the manufacture of a pair of slippers, a leather pouf, or a Moroccan bag, we choose quality skins, these leathers are treated and aged to provide the best comfort and robustness. Babouche Maroc slippers are recognized worldwide. Babouche Maroc's customers are found in all four corners of the world. Moroccan slippers are appreciated as much in Japan, Australia or the United States, not to mention France, the French are the biggest fans of leather slippers.


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