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jennifer lakokine 19 avril, 2021 Crafts of Morocco 0 Hit: 4164

Buy Moroccan shoes online

Babouches - Handmade Moroccan leather slippers

Slippers for men and women - Slippers in oriental sheepskin from Marrakech

Babouche are handmade Moroccan genuine leather shoes that we recommend as home slippers. The supple sheep leather of these Moroccan slippers (Babouche) adapts to the shape of your foot in a very comfortable way.

Djellaba-Shop imports the Babouche directly from the producer in Marrakech. The good thing about buying Babouche via Djellaba-Shop is that thanks to this direct mode of production, as much money as possible stays with the local artisans themselves and it is not lost by many intermediaries. . The entire value chain takes place in Morocco. The leather is tanned there, dyed if necessary, then the shoemaker makes these pretty oriental slippers in genuine leather from supple sheep leather. Slippers are a nice gift for good friends, to keep their feet warm at home!

Genuine leather slippers from Marrakech, Morocco. Discover our variety of colors.

Characteristics of modern Moroccan slippers:

  • Dan & 100% original leather
  • Handcrafted in the souks of Morocco
  • Color blue
  • Free delivery worldwide

Authentic handmade shoes are made of comfortable leather that will make you feel luxurious even at home. With a wide variety of models, these moccasin-like slippers for women come in a wide selection of colors, ranges and styles, all designed to be the perfect support for your feet. The soft feel of suede on your sole will make these stylish slippers your favorite shoe. Made with natural materials including leather, fur, wool, sheepskin and quality items as well as natural colors like midnight blue, burgundy, tassel, green, black and many others. They will feel like the best slippers and will guarantee you comfort.

Slippers Babouches

These shoes can be used with or without socks, indoors or outdoors. Unlike brands with mass-produced products; in our shop, each pair is unique, made with love and care in every detail and accessory! Each pair of slippers is handcrafted by lmaalem. Get your slippers for women from our wide and comfortable options, we are sure to have a size available for you.

Not only do we have the best deals and prices, but we also offer free shipping worldwide, including the United States. Order today from our online service, so that you can comfortably wear them indoors and out, because these premium slippers are suitable for all seasons and are so durable that you will see how these classic models are comfortable and warm like no other! They are perfect for summer, winter and all seasons. They will be at your doorstep in no time, thanks to our fast and efficient delivery. As women, you won't see a better pair of slippers anywhere else because these slippers are unique.

Buy Moroccan shoes online

Discover the latest styles from our store, slip into our fashion collection and find these ultimate slippers built for you!

What is the history of your modern Moroccan Babouches slippers?

I find my inspiration in these cultures and my different interactions with the rural and urban worlds. This passion for making slippers comes from my grandparents, who themselves had this profession. While I was learning, I started making Berber slippers. Then I started making modern, more rural and urban slippers.

These two models have some differences: Berber slippers have round or square edges, while modern Arab slippers have sharp edges. Depending on the region, slippers have different shapes and are decorated with different patterns. They are mainly made of goat or sheep leather.

Technique used to make a babouche

I mainly use traditional Marrakech techniques like tanning, to prefer henna to chemical dyes. I also clean the leather from its pieces of fur, shaping and sizing the slipper with a traditional machine.

What are the preferred materials?

Goat or sheep leather, nylon thread lined with silk thread for a perfect grip, then another silk thread, the only one visible, cardboard and solid sole.

My inspiration comes from my experience in Marrakech, the historical capital of slippers in Morocco. My father was also a great inspiration, he only made Berber slippers.

I was inspired by his creations and his creations, added my new designs


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