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Moroccan Slippers Babouche

jennifer lakokine 22 avril, 2021 Crafts of Morocco 0 Hit: 4128

What are moroccan babouches slippers

Where do you get your babouche slippers made

Our Moroccan slippers are handmade using age-old techniques by skilled leather artisans in marrakech,Morocco.Our babouche slippers are hand dyed to our bespoke color palette.

Our Moroccan slippers are handmade exclusively for bohimia in the medina of marrakech,by a family run artisanal studio.Using the finest organically cured sheed leather, our babouche slippers are hand dyed to our bespoke colour palette.Our range of house shoes include super soft basic babouche, stylish plain and decorative pointed styles as well as traditional berber babouche for men, women, and children.

We have been working an a fair trade basis with the babouche team for many years and through our partnership helping to ensure the long term viability of these traditional crafting skills.

Handcrafted using time honoured techniques in our workshop just outside of Marrakech, Morocco, our Moroccan slippers are one of our most popular wholesale products. Our team of skilled artisans use the finest organically cured sheep leather to create soft leather slippers for men and women. Hand dyed to our bespoke colour palette, find a range of styles from basic round babouche to classic pointed slippers and unisex Berber babouche slippers.


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