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The caftan and djellaba woman in Morocco

Jennifer Caron 13 mars, 2017 Crafts of Morocco 0 Hit: 7421

The caftan and the djellaba are among the most important garments in Morocco.

The caftan is part of the most important habit in Morocco initially worn for the wedding celebrations but it is declined at will in different styles enjoying very beautiful finishes. This is called fashion beldi (traditional), this type of dress floods women's magazines as well as western fashion.

For a caftan there may be more than 10 craftsmen of different trades to realize the unique piece.

The beldi sewing is used for caftans, djellabas, gandouras, sarouals ... But these craftsmen are also skilled in the practice of modern couture, called roumi, so the Moroccans regularly use these techniques to create the dress model they have At the top, they buy their own fabric and then make embroideries, trimmings or other decorations.


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