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Artists in the heart of the medina

Jennifer Caron 03 juin, 2017 Crafts of Morocco 1 Hit: 5089

The city has a beautiful medina with narrow narrow streets filled with colors and craftsmanship. During our expeditions for the purchase of djellaba woman one discovers there excellent cuisines and many bars and restaurants.

Here there is all the charm you would imagine of the Moroccan villages. You will lose yourself in the medina but nothing wrong with it, because this labyrinth is an exciting place to get lost. The colors, the smells, the curiosities ... it is a feast for the senses. The food market is an attraction on oneself. Packed with locals snooping around for the best dates, olives, vegetables or meats, you can sit on the sidewalk and discover those painters with unmissable talents, contemporary paintings, abstract, traditional everything is there.

You will judge yourself by these images.


Created On samedi, juin 3, 2017 Posted By amina Comment Link
Ca me rappel mon voyage à Marrakech, nostalgie :(
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