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Djellaba man from Morocco

Jennifer Caron 12 oct., 2016 Crafts of Morocco 1 Hit: 9236

The djellaba for men is a daily tunic and adapted to certain events.

Among the wide variety of clothes in Morocco, we find djellaba and caftan, two fine clothes that evoke the luxurious clothing style of the country.

Men are only used to wear a djellaba for special occasions, sometimes topped with the famous Moroccan red headgear called a fez or fez and yellow leather slippers, known for slippers.

The djellaba is a traditional tunic trend but through time, during our shopping in the souk of Marrakech we discover new models chacunes of our escapades, colors, fabric, with or without hood ...

The variations are endless a real pleasure to see and wear. A djellaba is most often brought out of the house and there are djellaba for each day as well as for special occasions.


Created On mardi, avril 25, 2017 Posted By PUGIN JEAN-JACQUES Comment Link
Bonjour Monsieur ou Madame,
Je désire acheter dans la semaine une djellaba pour homme sans capuche à manches longues en coton de couleur rouge vif. Tour de taille L (105 cm) ; largeur épaules 54 cm ; Longueur 1, 70 m ; tour de poitrine L (102) ; tour hanches 108 cm.
Remerciements anticipés.
Monsieur Jean-Jacques PUGIN
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