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Djellaba woman in 2016

Jennifer Caron 19 janv., 2017 Crafts of Morocco 1 Hit: 6293

The djellaba is one of the most trendy dresses of the year 2016, it is displayed as a much appreciated evening dress.

The fashion experts say, the djellaba for women is one of the most sought-after dress of the moment, dress originating in Morocco which at the time was intended for religious events but following the evolution of the style and its Cut wearing it both daily and during ceremonies.

Trendy colors, Moroccan embroidery, high-end fabric, pearls associated with embroidery ... It's the perfect look!

The most for the modern djellaba is that it can be worn at all times, at the office, in the evening, during a wedding ceremony ... An indispensable dress in your wardrobe ladies.


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