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Tetouan Morocco

Jennifer Caron 12 oct., 2016 Moroccan life 0 Hit: 5154

Tetuan is located in northern Morocco near the Strait of Gibraltar. Tetouan historic town developed on the mountainside Dersa facing the Mediterranean.

The medina of Tetouan is located on a gentle slope of the mountain Dersa. Five kilometers of ramparts, with a height of between 5 and 7 meters, surround the old quarters. Several strongholds on the outside of the walls indicate the historical function of imposing fortifications. We enter the Old City through seven gates connected by a network of streets that intersect in public places. Tetouan has impressive public buildings such as Islamic style of old inns and old mosques with their minarets that characterize the profile of the city. Despite his visibly Islamic appearance, Tetouan bears many Andalusian prints.

It is mostly in private residential buildings that are of particular style influenced by medieval Andalusian architecture. Many walkways give a stamp quite extraordinary architecture of the city. The historic district has kept until today its aspect of the seventeenth century; no structure of the medina not more than three floors. Of all the medinas of Morocco, the Tetouan occupies a special place because of its historical authenticity and extraordinary traces Hispano-Moorish.


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